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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 19, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> rat complaints are soaring in new york, and the city can't seem to get a handle on the problem. >> gone are the days of rat traps and bait. instead dogs take out the culprits. bill: what is that? >> i thought it looked like a rocket ship. teesix the world is still reeling inand recovering and searching for answers after the horrific terrorist attack in paris. i thought it would be a good idea to talk to muslims. >> what is it about the muslim religion that makes it so easy for terrorists to
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hijack? >> islam has nothing to do with that. ♪ >> one week ago three burlington county woman or suspended from their jobs for refusing to take a flu shot or wearing a surgical mask required if they didn't take the shot. suspended again for another week. lutheran social ministries of new jersey. no healthcare were going on. it is the headquarters. company policy flu shots or surgical mask. the women have another week to think about it. if lutheran is trying to freeze them out that's not
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going to happen. >> is this legal? it's a good question. you might be surprise if surprised if the answer. the latest on the unique locational limbo is ladies find themselves in tomorrow next "chasing news" bill: that is good news, not a million rats in new york city. according to some reports there are only 2 million. >> is the season for rats, and this year they are not hard to miss. brett complaints are soaring ,command the city can't seem to get a handle on the problem. >> i can't seem to tell you overall. >> that is tim skinner. east meadow. eastman of new york. one of the leading pest-control experts. >> long walks. >> that is the secret. [laughter]
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>> right. bill: what is that? >> if you listen, i was getting to that. bill: sorry. >> i have been told that, too. that's right, the secret weapon is a three -year-old terrier. gone are the days of rat traps and bait. instead dogs sniff out the culprit. instantly alerting workers on the exact spot where poison should be placed. describes it. you know,. you know, i thought it looked like a rocket ship. [laughter] bill: all right. >> even better. go ahead. >> new york city is in the midst of an all-out rapport at the moment.
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was you investing 3 million to tackle the problem. the plan expands a pilot program that targets rat reservoirs. that is not a bad way to target the rats number $3 million is not nearly enough money. bill: all right. nice job. ♪ "high speed chase", start us off. >> ali mohammed brown who allegedly killed brendan public has been convicted in connection with an armed robbery. in july 2014 he emerged from the woods where he had a campsite, went to a man, but again do his face of forced them in the truck of the vehicle and so that man's credit card a drivers license. he has been sentenced as facing up to 20 years in jail. ♪ >> you know, that is how
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lopez remembers telling prince he has passed away. little did he know at the time you would go down and medical history. >> pretty amazing. >> reacting to this image of patrick. a firefighter from mississippi and now has a new face. the most extensive facial transplant to date for the closure and reconnection of blood vessels and nerves. >> not nervous, i'm excited. get going. it's just a day by day thing >> injuries in 2001 when a burning roof collapsed on his face. bill: this was him as a firefighter before the accident. this picture is what he looked like after the burns. that is just incredible.
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>> you live like that for 14 years. >> fourteen years later is a changed man thanks to one man's untimely death. >> he could do anything. triple backflips off his bmx bike. >> they had no idea the biking accident would kill him. >> get hit by a car. i've been hit by like a cars >> the accident took place in july. for the next month he lay in a hospital bed. >> he was aware in the start communicating. >> declared brain-dead in august. you might notice that is to this missing. that fell out from a fight.
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according to lopez, that is just the kind of person he was not willing to give anything to help others. in this case that means his face. >> i cannot imagine losing somebody at a young age and having to be asked to give what they are asking to give. >> the surgery is a lifesaver, and that is what there friends want to say. use it wisely. ♪ >> this just in, little boys like to play with dolls, and girls like to build with legos. the for anyone that did not already know that, gender bending barbie had featuring an adorable little fella who is stuck to play with his $150 designer barbie. most commentary on the commercial has been very positive, and barbie itself has been well received. it
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has sold out and is being sold on ebay for twice the price. >> i don't blame this firehouse pair for doing it. ♪ >> find out where this little guy came from, and the information was not available. wherever he is is getting some firefighters one overlap. bill: she's got a newa new book. >> i attended the book party and chelsea on west 23rd street at the curator gallery. the book is called chicken soup for the soul, thing possible. what is the take away. what can we learn? >> i have a dream come i wish you can happen. you will be inspired to make
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your own dreams come true. >> everybody has. i was the anchor of the today show. and that not having a job and having to rebuild my career. i don't know where i left my job if it will be possible to work in television again. >> possible to have someone who couldcan speak in such a good way about these things. >> you get some advice as to how to deal with your own issues. with your family in finding the right guy. bill: upbeat, positive. >> fantastic. ♪
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>> this morning more than 300 princeton students and supporters of the group black just as they walked to the classes morning and walked over to nassau why me to address racism. they racism. they want the name of former president woodrow wilson to be taken off all buildings and any of his depictions to be taken down. members shuffled into nassau hall with the president of the school has this office and they don't plan on leaving until their demands are met. much more for you tomorrow and an update. if you have any questions or concerns you can always tweet the show. ♪ >> about 30 other governors saying the state won't accept syrian refugees. >> thegovernment won't tell us who we can allowing the state are not. bill: muslim countries sitting there in the middle
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east, nothing. ♪ >> another day in the life of being a chaser. >> we report the news. but we do it different. >> we report the news. but we do it different. when it comes down to it
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dear fellow citizen, i get that it's hard to say no when your kids want toys, because you're saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes. but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. sincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen.
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>> he has no power to say what he is saying. he has no power. the governor cannot tell us who we can let into the state or not. >> governor chris christie is shortsighted and wrong to try to keep syrian refugees out of new jersey. the pastor of the reformed church of highland park has a long history of sheltering refugees. >> any syrian coming to this country probably left before isi s was born. they are a new thing. >> immigration applications wind up having to go through the state department, but there are other agencies that perform checks as well. counterterrorism, defense department and there is already a process for
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syrians only. that is actually good. >> we should be deeply concerned about the potential of future attacks. to think that concerned should slowdown, that is the big mistake. let's put our time you things that we will secure our country. >> the secretary in the head of the cia both said it was not a surprise at the attacks happened because of the large amount of immigrants. bill: what bothers me is that obama stepped up and said we have to send everyone here. zero, zero. you have muslim countries that are sitting there in the middle east just a few hundred miles from syria. >> a couple in paris had belgian passports.
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to single out syrians is to completely miss the. bill: is you guys know, the world is still reeling and recovering and searching for answers after the horrific terrorist attack in paris last friday night. this had an impact not only worldwide the right here in new jersey. i thought it will be a good idea to talk to muslims in new jersey to see how this has impacted them. i want you to meet imam ahmad shibley. theshibley. the religious leader of the islamic center of central jersey. were you concerned about the numbers? hundred and 32 mosques in new jersey. do you think that the muslim community is not doing enough? >> when you say mosques, what do you mean? they are a basement.
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bill: that is why i asked the question. >> maybe some people enter a place far away from the resident area. when you speak about mosques , the people of their , the people who were there yesterday to condemn what happened in paris. bill: what about some of the mosques in northern new jersey that have been under surveillance with the fbi, homeland security? is there a danger? >> i would say no for one reason. the minute you understand the law of the land and you apply the law of the land and try to be a good human being why you would be afraid, they locked the door in front of the media, i
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would say we have to blame them, not the guests who are ignorant about islam. >> am just looking at the facts. what is it about the muslim religion that makes it so easy for terrorists to hijack? >> islam has nothing to do with that. how canthat. how can i prove it to you? god never sent any representative. stand up to say i am represented of islam. it is a danger, crime. in this book i have it to give it to you. we just revealed the book to you. we are in charge to protect the book. bill: i appreciate that. thank you. >> don't quote half of the
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verse. and give your audience. bill: just part of the show. >> i'm here at the hundredth anniversary of the municipality convention. >> it is an exciting time. >> look at those pinstripes. bill: republicans knew how to party. >> a lot of gubernatorial wannabes. >> on the red carpet for i don't know how long. >> forget the gym. bill: lose weigh
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>> i'm here with celebrity guest annette hoffman at the hundredth anniversary of the municipalities convention in atlantic city.
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>> like the oscars without the awards. >> is a lot of fun. >> ii wonder who we are going to get to what the carpet. >> we should grab loop. >> majority leader. >> exciting time. >> this is the most important thing we are talking about. >> but it is, you are on the red carpet. >> i just rotate through. this is the tuesday suit. >> it's perfect. >> thank you very much. >> look at that. look at it go. >> you are known as one of
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the most stylish men. >> is it a little bar? >> so many try. >> it is a hard thinga hard thing to pull off, but he did it. >> most men fail. >> love it. >> republicans or democrats? >> tough question. >> i was a republican women and democratic men. >> interesting. >> a republican men. >> fry don't know how long. >> i don't want to break your heart. >> give me a shout out the other day. very nice. >> i don't care. >> where you want me? >> right over here.
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>> a one-of-a-kind experience. and it is all jersey. >> a lot of gubernatorial wannabes. this is the stomping grounds , the clearinghouse. >> we are here with joshua henney who is a democratic strategist. what are you wearing today? >> whatever he told me aware. >> right out of a mom movie. they just don't get more jersey politician the net. >> we know how to party. >> my best. seven jobs. >> hands-down most handsome best-dressed man. >> i'm surprised.
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>> all right. >> as much fun as we have been having, hopefully some of the politicians can come to some conclusions of problems out there. ♪ teesix's passport scanned in paris just days before the horrific attacks. >> a mother desperately searching for sans ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> good morning. i'm fox 29's meteorologist kathy orr. we are in for more rain and more mild temperatures. during the early morning hours the rain will be moving in. by 9am moving into philadelphia. overspreading the area late
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morning and then another round of rain in the afternoon. periods of rain and wind but what comes next is a bigger story. the cold, the coldest air of the season moves in over the weeke weekend. sue serio will the latest on
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